Just Maybe

Maybe I know what you need
Long night drives on back country roads
Breathing in that fresh air warmed by the occasional bonfire

Maybe I know that you need
Those solitary moments alone
Where you witness the last of the holiday spirit
Decorating the homes along the lone road
Mirroring gingerbread houses with all their trimmings

Maybe I knew that you needed
10 days of hell so you could truly see your own condition
The state of your soul
The very truth of you

Maybe I knew you needed
Your cage rattled so that you would realize that you aren’t alone
You truly aren’t alone
That I have been here the whole time
And I’m not going anywhere

Maybe I know
That you need to know that
I’m here forever



i’ve been waiting for you to come save me

to take me from this wicked reality

but i finally realized that you already have

i don’t have to stay here

these shackles are no longer mine

for you have brought freedom directly to me

you’ve redeemed me

Sea Winds

Excited anticipation builds within my being

as I slip on my Sperry’s

Clad in nothing but jeans and a vintage tee

I can’t help but smile

for this is the garb of true adventure

Every step closer to that dock

is an energy charge

of pure joy to the heart


So soon

I will be gliding through those deep blue waters

The sea winds tousling me, entirely

Finally the moment of truth

My shoe squeaks against that glistening white body

So lithe is she

This beautiful vessel donned “Zephyr”

Hurrying about

preparing for departure

I feel it

that tug

of hope eternal

It’s name reverberates in my heart…