Letter #3

Dear friend,

Winter is one of my favorite seasons, you are probably asking yourself why with it’s harsh bitter reality. The truth is its purity draws me in and overwhelms me entirely. My everyday life shows me the worst of humanity; it’s shadows, dark alleys, perverted fantasies, cruelty, selfishness, and overall ugly reality. Winter in its temperature and atmospheric conditions often reminds one of the dark reality of life. It feels like the underbelly of the world looks. But winter has a superpower… Freshly fallen snow. A normal element completely transformed into a substance of pure beauty. When my eyes behold that all encompassing blanket of white my inner world stills and finds tranquility. Why am I speaking of such dark things? Because the truth to be known is that darkness dwells however slightly in all of us. We must remember that even though we all contain shadows we are not condemned solely to their realm. Just like winter can bring purity to a tainted world, so too can grace bring beauty back to us. Grace sees us, frees us, and moves us beyond the sullen reality we find ourselves in. Grace knows that we are more than what we have become. In the end, what we see (in the world, in our lives) is not all that there is. There is another layer, another depth, and another perspective. In the grime of our lives there is a super power that purifies and makes us beautiful again… Grace is our superpower our beautifier. I hope that as your days continue that Grace is your equalizer.

Loving you through the shadows,