Letter #2

Dear Friend,

Do you ever feel restless? Like you see life, you see yourself adulting, but it’s not enough. Your soul simply whispers that “there must be more.” My restlessness always catches me at night. Amidst countless tosses and turns I feel an empty resonance “saying I crave more, need more, hope for more.” That emptiness is hard to fight against in the wee small hours. It is in those moments where it is hard to believe that one day I will feel whole and purpose-filled. So, I sit up, removing myself from the clutches of yet another sweat-drenched nightmare, taking in the dark expanse of my room to its fullest and let the painful shadows of my heart seep-out. It is here in this moment where I realized my restlessness is my body and soul’s way of speaking of my brokenness. Restlessness is my cry for restoration. In my deepest moments of brokenness there is only one I will ever allow to see me – the one who heals me. I’ve learned recently that healing is more than redemption, it is restoration. That is the secret longing of my heart to be restored. One day, dear one, all the shadows of your heart, broken pieces, and all those things you’ve felt you’ve lost will be restored. I pray for your endurance as you wait for that day.

Your Friend,