Be You

I recently told a friend of mine that my only expectation of her was for her to be her. Because in that I get an amazing plethora of attributes, idiosyncrasies, and pure awesomeness that I could never have dreamed up in one person. I went on to tell her that “I have seen the good and the bad and there is nothing that could ever dissuade me of your true worth and value. You don’t have to measure up for me. You, just you is enough.”

Aren’t those the words that we all long and ache to hear? That me just me is not only enough but is the most beautiful thing that I could ever be. I think we lose this vision in our day to day goings on. We lose sight of the fact that we were each designed to be a one of a kind version. And yet we waste so much time trying to be just as good as someone else, or just like so and so, or if we could only be taller, or thinner, or more attractive. Now I’m not encouraging you to be a sloth that never achieves anything. No, quite the opposite. I challenge you to grow in who you are. To become the best version of you that you can be. To stop wasting your time and energy trying to be someone else and channel it towards you finding the strength to be who you are meant to.

I know it all seems like a fanciful dream or a nice fairy tale. But this is the truth of the story of humanity. It was those people throughout history that stood up and were them who changed the world as they knew it. For every bully that rose up to conquer the world a victorious hero emerged from a place no one ever thought to look. What if you are the hero for the next rising bully? What if you are the one that changes things for the better? What if you are part of the answer for helping to end modern day slavery? Or curing a life threatening disease? Or you are the hand that holds out the first glass of clean water a child has ever seen? What if you were finally you and unlocked the mystery that only you have the answer to?

You can never be the hero that you have the potential to be as long as you are trying to be someone or something else. So as you contemplate whether or not you are ready to reveal and embrace who you truly are. Ponder upon these words: Your significance is not caught up in what you do, it has been built in to who you are. You are the least insignificant person I know. You were designed to make a positive difference in people’s lives and you do. So when you feel your smallest ponder on the fact that you are a significant brush stroke in a beautiful painting, without you we can’t see the full vision but with you the beauty seen begins to change our hearts.