Letter #5

Dear Friend,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written you, I know. Believe me when I tell you that it is not because I have forgotten you. For dear friend I could never forget you. You are like the sun during the snowy Ohio winter. Frequently thought of, prayed for daily, and when seen on the horizon wholeheartedly pursued. You are light, warmth, home; no I could never forget you. Instead my silence rests in the fact that I have allowed my own hope to deplete. life takes its toll on me daily as I’m sure it does you. I regret to say that I’ve lost my way dear friend. I’ve lost the heart to find the resplendence of hope.

Do you ever find yourself staring blankly into the sky? Looking to find what is missing from you. Shel Silverstein once wrote a story about a circle who had a triangular piece missing from it. This circle scours the “globe” in search of the missing piece. I too find myself in the role of the circle, looking and looking through all the pieces only to find out they don’t truly fit no matter how hard I try to coerce them. The circle finds mostly heartbreak along his journey which resonates in my own tale as well. At the end of the story he finds another piece that fits his empty space perfectly. The problem with this is that the circle has an unfair advantage for he knows the schematic of the shape he must find. Whereas I haven’t a clue. And so I stare deeply into and often beyond that hue of blue which composes the heavens; looking and looking for even the faintest of clues.

Oh friend, I often find myself wondering what composes the tales of you. Do you have new hopes and dreams? Is your heart composed of swooning tales of love or compressed by bittersweet monotonies of life? What makes you smile the brightest, laugh the loudest, love the deepest? Are your daydreams filled of travels to beautiful exotic places?

Oh to be with you, chatting away an evening as we sit on the veranda sipping iced tea and dreaming beyond our realities. That is the stuff that makes up the good parts of life. Where one is truly free to simply be, no expectations, no to do lists, just simple revelry in existence. Maybe this is too simple of an idea in our modern techy age? I hope not but then again I am a romantic and hopelessly in love with the pace and ways of old.

Well friend as I draw to a close I find myself torn between ending with an anecdote or a simple burst of love. I love the possibilities within both forms but find myself at a loss for either. So instead I will leave you with this truth. Being friends with you has brought into my life an inescapable fresh vitality. You are all the best things of my life rolled up into one smile inducing package. I sincerely hope that one day you have someone who brings as much joy to your life as you have mine.

Your friend,