Slow, Painful Destruction

It was the first storm of winter. Icy and brutal in its interaction. You took the beating, the onslaught of violence, the weight of its aftermath and that’s when I heard it, that bone echoing “CRACK!” I rushed to see what happened… and there you were naked, broken, and somehow still standing.

I watched as you struggled onward. In what was now your reality. Slowly healing as best you could. Then came a drizzle, nothing compared to the storm of the previous winter, but in your weakened state it was too much for your frail being to withstand. I knew it was coming before it came. “CRACK!” I watched you break this time only a shell of you remaining.

I thought it was over that you could no longer go on. Yet, to my surprise you did. One more day, then one more, and then another. I was shocked by your resiliency in spite of everything to continue. You were no longer what I knew you to be. You were different, but somehow more noble and resplendent than ever before. Maybe simply due to what I watched you fight against.

Today was your last. The wind whipped and howled. The rain pelted in its flood like waves. Thunder roared loudly and I couldn’t look. I couldn’t see you like this for what I knew would be the last time. You were my strength, my tower, my reminder that you can always go on despite what has happened. There was no loud “CRACK” today. No, instead you fell gracefully and gently breathed your last. I am sorry for what you had to endure. Your strength echoes in my heart.


A little grace

For once take and accept me as I am. 

Don’t try to make me into anything better right now just take me as is, please.

Can’t you see that I’m doing the best I can?

Honestly, I am. 

I just need a little grace.