Little One

Two years ago today

I met you

for the first time

As I looked into

your beautiful reddened face

my heart swelled

with insecurity and hope

Would I be enough

could I do enough

for you?

Finally, my heart burst

as I wondered

what you would be like

I’d known you for a minute

and you already

had surpassed

all my dreams

My darling

I would give up everything

for you

I never knew

my heart

could love like this

Now that it has

I can’t imagine life without it

Oh Little One

you won my heart

at our first hello

and it will never let you go

Forever yours

My love


Can I be your plus one?

6 simple words and…

whoosh, there goes

the breath from my lungs

How can I say no to those eyes?

Pure hope contained within luminous iridescent green

I falter losing myself in those emerald pools

Suddenly I hear my voice say,

“I already have a plus one.”

Then I see it

you shrinking back

disappointment displayed so clearly

a simple nod

is your withered response

“I’m sorry”

a simple shrug of your shoulders

“Next time I’m all yours”

a solemn nod

is your reply

If only I could slip into

those liquid green waters

and remove the disappointment

I’ve inflicted

To see that smile again

the one that radiates from your soul

and consumes the whole of me

Next time I’m all yours

I promise…

Black Lagoon


it creeps into my conscious brain

like the creature

from the black lagoon

It stalks me

leaving tiny pieces of itself

hints of its presence

Its consumption

of me

isn’t instantaneous

No, not in the least


it slowly

eats and

erodes me

like the acidic being it is


how do I fight against you?

when it seems

you have woven

yourself into me

I want to believe

that I am not

the soul you’ve leached out

but there you are


in that black lagoon