The Dairy Freeze Out

“Went to the Dairy Freeze

last night—tried to forget

the ice-cream, the numb

pinching force in my skull,

the lawless hunger of need,

needing someone, anyone,

to walk with me back home.”

“Needing someone, anyone, to walk with me back home.” I have never had my heart thrum in rhythm as much with another person as it does with you. Seeing this statement that you penned ignited both anger and pain, reaching into the deepest chambers of me. The beauty and loveliness of you should never have to experience the bitter freeze out of loneliness. Yet, I know you do. No words I offer or love I extend can tame that voracious beast you wrestle. Everytime I see it coming closer in your life all I want to do is shout “Tell me what to do! How do I beat this for you? Tell me the secret and I will vanquish your foe.” As I look in your eyes I see the reality that this is your battle to find victory. I would willingly take every pain from your gentle, loving heart and make it my own… Because I love you. But I now know that you are not the fair princess that needs to be rescued, no, indeed you are not. You my dearest one are the amazon warrior who fights on behalf of herself and blazes a trail of advocacy for others. You experience the freeze out of loneliness, but like any hero you are never overcome by it. Live on brave warrior and know all the while that I am here.

Little Green

That little green book
Containing all my comings
and goings
My responsibilities
and seemingly unlimited tasks
It is my brain
My organizer
My shackle
It keeps me in line
and in prison
Incarcerated by my life
and responsibilities
I hate
That little green book.