Pressed Against

Pressed against my lips

I quickly awaken to

the realization 

that you are my saving grace 

The warm life force 

pouring directly into me

freeing me

of my restraints 

and contempt

You move through me

Robust, sweet, limpid 

Nothing else feels like this 

Only you can revive me

So gently, boldly, and unprepossessing 

Pressed against my lips

I quickly find myself in heaven

The Little Things

My mind races
With how much I will miss you
Regardless of where I am
Thoughts overwhelm my heart

It’s not even the big things
That cause my breath to hitch in my chest
But instead the million little things
Like the way you smile
When you find what I say charming
That laugh of yours
The way your muscles react to my touch
The smell of you (fabric softener, warmth, & the scent unique unto you)
The warmth that radiates from you

The little things
That I so easily took for granted
And now seemingly ache for

We are a million moments
You are every memory
Your pieces
Complete me

Cool Green

I saw love today
From a place I didn’t expect
Bold, pure, cool green eyes
Looking at me,
In me,
Through me

Beseeching me with an urgent message
“I see you,
I love you,
I need you.”

My heart beats in slow motion
Waiting for your lips to say
The one thing I ache to hear
That you want me 

My breath hitches
As I stare unhindered
Into those deep endless pools
Drawn in evermore
By your pleads of love

The Crowd

Was an entity
I always tried
To morph into

To get lost in
You know, just
One more face
In the sea of humanity

I used it
To ease my pains
The echo of loneliness
Seemed faintest
Among the crowd

But that is the hidden snare
Of the crowd
The loss of you
Of the pains you carry
The seeming deadening

The crowd promises
A place of belonging
Community if you will

It is here
The most popular
Can be honored
And the most
Lonely ignored
By a greater multitude of souls

Being amongst the crowd
Doesn’t get us anywhere
Than where we have already been

Just another face
Another name
Amongst the throng.