Letter #1

Dear Friend,

Have you ever stood on the peak of a mountain top? If you have, you know that feeling of sheer amazement of how overwhelmingly small you are. Life these days has that same feel, that I’m overwhelmingly small. In the mountaintop moment that feeling isn’t a bad thing because you are literally surrounded by huge monuments of awesome beauty. In normal life, it doesn’t hold that same texture. The monuments are still huge, but their composition is anything but beautiful. It all seems too big and I too small. However, the reality of life is that nothing stays the same forever. This moment, these feelings will eventually change and it is in that reality my hope secretly survives in. The hope that one day there will be a new precipice, a new atmosphere, a new perspective on the life I’ve been graced with. I hope this letter finds you well and that your hope can secretly stay alive too. Life won’t always stay like this our hope has a reason to survive. I pray for the strength and endurance of your heart.

Your Friend,