There’s been a landslide inside me
Emotions once pent up are falling like boulders
Crashing and creating upheaval
Everywhere I turn my world collapses

The ground that was once solidly underfoot
Is now somewhere in that dark ravine,
Known as abyss

I see the new landscape
And a question pounds in my head
Who am I, now?

Dead End

knees tapping together
the classic tell tale
you must be riddled with anxiety
but, wait.
your face speaks of something else…
is that boredom?
ah yes I see it now
how did I miss it?
from shoulders to toes it oozes
your life isn’t what you’d thought it’d be
those decisions you made at the beginning
the ones that were suppose to be “life changing”
and in the “right direction”
have led you here
to a brown leather chair
in the middle of a bustling
coffee shop
and there you sit tapping those knees
your face shows signs of life
but your eyes,
your eyes reveal,
your inner zombie state
those decisions that would seemingly change everything
took you to a dead-end
which you can’t escape
it is here your dreams died
and hope receded
here you first encountered that zombie
now living in you
and there you are
across the way
knees tapping together
in that brown leather chair