Personal Apocalypse

Apocalypse: A great disaster. An event involving destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale.

The apocalypse is always spoken of in an all of humanity scale.
A happening that affects the entire world in a single cataclysmic event
It changes life and existence as it has been previously known to be
A disaster that raises up warriors, heroes, and magnifies the inner core of those it leaves behind
Are you hero or villain, soon all the leftovers will know.
People spend time dreaming up how they will face a destroyed broken world. Who will be on their survival team. How they will recreate structure in a lawless land.
They will theorize solutions for zombie outbreaks, caring for orphans, disciplinary actions, and how to lead a vast mishmash of people.
Within the conversation and theorization of an event that may or may not happen within any of our lifetimes, never is any mention given to personal apocalypse

Personal apocalypse is a real holistic fallout that occurs in each individual life.
Yet no one ever brings up the topic of “how would you survive the death of your spouse, parent, grandparent, child, friend, etc? How would you survive the suicide of a loved one? How would you face life after surviving rape? How would you make sense of your world if you were suddenly homeless, paralyzed, told you had a month to live?”
Will your personal apocalypse make you a hero or villain?
A warrior or survivor? A helper or a parasite?
How do you survive?
How do you find your way?
How do you rebuild your broken landscape?

Personal apocalypse…
How do you go on?
How do you make sense of a world you never saw coming?
How do you fight the zombies of memories?
How do you defeat the demons of regret?
How do you capture the obliterated ember of hope?

Personal apocalypse…
how do you bring new life out of catastrophe?