Barren winter
frozen hearts
Lust filled dreams
Aching for warmth
for intimacy
Oh why can’t I just let it go?
All of it

It’s not about my fear
Nor my misery
It is my lack of vision for my own life
Which keeps me locked in to my bleak oblivion.

When will I step out of the frozen wasteland I now dwell in?
When will I step into life?
To come back to the love of my youth.
The love that consumed
and branded me for eternity.
I still wear your mark my love,
my heart and soul branded
by your eyes,
your words.
Be patient with me,
wait for me,
to come back to your embrace,
to come back into your life – your love.
I promise to take a step to you soon;
I need you,
to feel you,
to love you again.
Wait for me.