One (We Are)

I stand

And speak

Trying to embolden 

My voice with confidence

All the while hands trembling

As my heart races

Completely petrified 

Of my voice

My heart being heard

I look up

And into the faces 

Of the listening audience

Witnessing tears building

In their eyes 

They hear my pain

And it resounds with their own 

Statements of truth

Suddenly reveal and bare us all

One to another

We are vulnerable

We are human 

We are one voice






When it all falls apart

I crumble 

I crumble into you

Realizing so strongly

That I can’t hold it all together

Nor sustain anything

I’ve disillusioned myself

Thinking I am the momentum of my life

When really I am only the being you breathed into motion

I am your kinetic energy not my own

Nothing I do prolongs or keeps me 

Only you

When I surrender 

Allowing myself to crumble into the heaping pile of mess I truly am

I know you are there

With your hand on all the pieces 

Once again 

Fixing me

Until the very end of my days