It Shows

I feel my lips saying words before my brain even recognized the sound of my own voice:

“I have never loved anyone

as much as I loved her”

“It shows”

a response so simple

that it stops me dead in my tracks

Does it show?!

Do you see my devastation?

Can you feel the ache inside my lungs as I force myself to take one more breath?

Do you feel the million differences in every day life?

Can you feel how my heart now beats differently?

Have you counted the tears I’ve shed? Have you kept track of all the ones I have stopped from spilling over and kept in, even when it felt like pure acid?

Have you seen me lose grasp of reality as one small thing sends my mind reeling and spinning to a memory of yesteryear that now rips me in two?

Do the sleepless nights show, beyond my dark circles?

Do you see the devastation in every step I take, every decision I try to make, every moment when my mind can wander?

Does it show that the core of me has changed… into something I don’t even know?

Do you hear all the words not uttered past my lips?!

Do you truly hear the pain?

Do you truly see the love?