Why We Don’t Smile

We dont smile because we are in chaos
a swirling vortex of emotions at any given moment
we’re hurting
broken in ways we didn’t even know possible

we don’t smile because our minds are 10,000 miles away
our brain is pouring over memories
from the last time we saw them
to 2 years ago
5 years

why we don’t smile
because we have forgotten how
we breathe involuntarily
our heart beats without our say
but our smile, our smile is energized by our soul
our soul is weary, lost, faded

Sure we seem collected on the outside
functioning like a normal being
doing “normal, everyday” things
but inside we are a chasm

why we don’t smile
its not because we’re grouchy
not because we are “having a bad day”
we are shattered

we don’t smile because we hurt
it is just that simple
please be patient
love us beyond our current self
never stop smiling toward us
for one day we will remember how
and smile back