You used to be so easy for me

So cleansing


All encompassing

The only thing that could rid me of shame

Clothe me in grace

And ransom my shackled heart

But now

You are so complicated




When the world made sense

I knew who I was

What I was

How I was to be

Then in one simple moment

I was given permission

By another

By myself

To be the real me

Now I find myself lost

In a sea of ink

I’m lost for words

As to who I truly am

Lost in how

I’ve been abandoned by love

It’s no longer open

Instead its exacting



If you fall into its parameters

You’re free

For those of us who are outside its expectations

The ones “not living up to their potential”

Those who no longer match the crowd

How do we come to terms with being banished

From the realm of true love?



I sing

In the shadow of your wings

I hide my heart

In the depths of you

Your love

is my sanctuary of rest

Your arms

my place of strengthening

You look at me

And I melt

in the warmth of your gaze

You see more than my failings

More than my strengths

More than my empty places

You see all of me