No Wonder

Something more, I don’t know what it is but I know I need it. Lately, I just feel so hollow, anxious, empty. I hate it, I hate how life feels in the moments when it is not insane with busyness. I miss peace, rest, being able to breathe in deeply and finding a sliver of solace. Something more, but what? It seems like the only thing I have more of these days is exhaustion, stress, worries… No wonder my heart feels like it’s being suffocated daily; I think it actually is. Can a heart stop from lack of purpose, passion, hope. If so I might need a paramedic at my ready because this heart barely has the gumption to keep on beating if this is all life is meant to be. I want more, I need more, I crave more.


One thought on “No Wonder

  1. Hi, It can be tough when purpose hides from us. especially if it seems like you’re all alone. I know what that feels like. Well, if you need anyone to vent to or punch in the face…..let me know. Take care

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