The Dark Reality

Darkness called out to me

sensually whispering to me that it was the answer

to everything

my worries

my secret fantasies

my deepest passions

the answer to all of me

Darkness called out to me

trying to coerce my heart

into its languid depths

slowly seducing one piece at a time

using the pain housed within me

as the most lethal weapon

in it’s deathly plan of consumption

Darkness called out to me

assuring that a life of secrets

was the best form of protection

no one would know the truth of me

I could be seen exactly how I wanted to be

all I had to do

was to keep up the illusion

of a double identity

Darkness called out to me

in ways I never before imagined

that I’d never experienced

drawing me in through the areas of my naïveté

leading me to believe I was strong enough

to step into its shadows and remain unscathed

Darkness called out to me

and I listened

believing its sweet crooning’s

following its directions into its inner labyrinths

Darkness calls out to us all

making promises it can never keep

offering protection that’s merely an illusion

once it has us in its belly

it keeps us confused and disoriented

because it knows it is in that state

we fall into desperation, into despair

it is here where darkness consumes us

body and soul

When darkness calls out to you

respond to it with this truth

the light may reveal our shadows

but it also illuminates our hope

and in the end

that is our saving grace


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