so much overwhelms my heart

stress surges in the very veins

which channel my existence

i look to the right

and to the left

seeing the reality

of all of life

surrounding me

i am not enough

for the challenges i meet

its too much

to fathom


know how to deal with

my existence has simply become overwhelming

everything now seems to push me to the brink

of becoming overwhelmed yet again

but there is one thing

that helps maintain my sanity

one thing that proves enough to center me

one thing that makes all of life worth it

the moment where love

pure love

overwhelms every fiber of me

pure love

in its sweetest form

a blended fusion of mercy and grace

poured out and rushing over these weary bones

it is here

in that very moment

that to be overwhelmed is not a loathsome experience

but all that i long for

and crave


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